The 2 Best Wedding Venues near Columbus, Ohio

Embracing the Essence of Columbus Without The Price Tag

Unveiling The Brickyard on Main and Urban501

Love looks good on you.

Why Choose Columbus, Ohio for Your Special Day?

Just a short journey from the vibrant heart of Columbus, Ohio, a city where art and history resonate in perfect harmony, lies the ideal setting for your wedding day. Close to this city skyline, known for its unique blend of charm and contemporary sophistication, are The Brickyard on Main and Urban501. These wedding venues near Columbus Ohio, though not in Columbus itself, are near enough to radiate the city’s urban style blended with the warmth of Midwestern hospitality, providing an experience that echoes the best of Columbus without the big-city expense.

wedding venues near columbus Ohio that will not disappoint

The Brickyard on Main and Urban501: Dreams Realized Just Outside Columbus

A stone’s throw from Columbus, where the city’s vibrant spirit touches the surrounding areas, The Brickyard on Main and Urban501 stand as extensions of the city’s eclectic charm. Situated near central Columbus, these venues offer more than just proximity; they provide a canvas for your love story, imbued with the essence of nearby Columbus. With the elegant, industrial chic of The Brickyard and the sophisticated, modern grace of Urban501, your wedding, while not directly in central Columbus, will still be an event of unparalleled beauty. These venues, located just outside the bustling heart of central Columbus, embody the perfect blend of luxury and affordability, ensuring your special day is memorable and within reach.

The Beauty of Local Columbus Wedding Venues

Embrace the Charm of the Historical City

Columbus is a treasure trove of history and classic architectural beauty, making it the ideal city for a wedding with a timeless aura. The city’s historic districts boast of elegantly restored buildings with impressive architectural details that showcase the rich heritage and offer the perfect canvas for your wedding photos. Additionally, Columbus also offers stunning examples of modern architecture, adding a touch of contemporary elegance to the city’s charm.

Imagine tying the knot in a stunning ballroom wedding venue, or in front of gorgeous stained-glass windows in a 115-year-old church, or celebrating your love amidst the vintage backdrop of a renovated warehouse. These historic venues combine old-world charm with modern convenience for an unforgettable wedding experience.

Columbus, Ohio

Options Galore: From Rustic Barns to Elegant Mansions

In Columbus, wedding venue selection is not a luxury―it’s standard. Do you envision a relaxed barn wedding where you’ll toast to your new lives amidst the rustic elements of a wooden barn? No problem. How about an elegant mansion wedding where you’ll immerse yourselves in grandeur while exchanging vows? Columbus has you covered.

Outdoor wedding outside of Columbus, Ohio

Or perhaps you fancy saying ‘I do’ in an artsy museum, a manicured garden, or a picturesque botanical gardens? You can even choose a stunning manor as your wedding venue, which Columbus offers as well. And to sweeten the deal, these venues come with a slew of fab features such as family-run farms set on acres of rolling pasture, and wooded ceremonies complete with cocktails and games on expansive lawns.

What Top Wedding Venues in Columbus Have To Offer

Quirky Charms of Columbus’ Wedding Spots

Okay, lovebirds! Columbus wedding venues aren’t just venues; they’re like those eccentric aunts everyone adores. Each one’s got a personality of its own. Fancy a bit of rustic romance? Imagine a family-run barn venue like Jorgensen Farms where your photos will look so good, they might just break Instagram. Parking at these event venues? More like park-easy at somewhere like the Franklin Park Conservatory! Or perhaps you’re into the swanky vibes of Jefferson or Worthington Hills Country Club event venue where the lawns are as manicured as your nails will be. These venues are so all-inclusive, they might just RSVP for your guests!

swanky vibes of Jefferson or Worthington Hills Country Club event venue

Making Magic Happen: Services with a Sparkle

In Columbus, your dream venue doesn’t just host your day; they roll out the red carpet for your ‘I dos’. Think of them as your wedding fairy godparents. From set-up to clean-up (because who wants to do dishes on their wedding night?), to bridal suites that scream #BridalGoals. They’ve got catering, bar services, and rooms to crash in after dancing the night away. Pets invited too, because Fido is family, right? Your dream venue provides all that and more!

Happy couple walking down the isle excited about their urban wedding

Turn Your ‘Big Day’ into a ‘Big Weekend’

Dreaming of a wedding celebration weekend rather than a day? Columbus venues have got you covered. Accommodations? Check. Golf and wine tasting for the gang? Check and check. Mini spa retreats for a pre-wedding pamper? Triple check! And for the grand finale, why not make a royal entrance with a horse-drawn carriage or light up the sky with fireworks? In Columbus, your wedding celebration isn’t just an event; it’s the event of the year!

New married couple walking in from the outdoor ceremony site to the indoor reception area

Unveiling Columbus’ Top Nearby Wedding Venues: The Brickyard on Main & Urban501

The Brickyard on Main: A Slice of Urban Elegance in Marion

Hey, Columbus lovebirds! Want to dodge those daunting big-city wedding costs but still have a day to remember? Feast your eyes on The Brickyard on Main! Tucked away in Marion, Ohio, this venue is a masterclass in urban charm without the budget-busting price tag. It’s like having a slice of the big city, but with a cozy, small-town heart. And if you’re looking for a touch of history, you can even take a short trip to the Ohio Statehouse, just a stone’s throw away, to add some grandeur to your special day.

What’s the Buzz About The Brickyard?

This place is like a wedding chameleon, ready to match your dream day, whether it’s laid-back, black-tie fancy, or anything in-between. Their superpower? Flexibility! And the setting? Picture this: A dreamy outdoor courtyard for your “I do’s,” or a trendy urban alley twinkling with string lights. Or, if you prefer, a spacious ballroom for a grand celebration. It’s like bringing a bit of Brooklyn to Ohio!

Indoor wedding ceremony at the Brickyard on Main


Here’s a toast to The Brickyard’s awesome bar setup at your wedding shower! Imagine a draft system with four taps, no long waits for drinks, and a chance to curate your beverage list. It’s like having a mini brewery at your wedding shower!

Cheers! The big speech is captivating all of the guests

Love blossoms in every corner and corridor.

This place is all about love. Every kind of love. Diversity and inclusion aren’t just words in this neighborhood; they’re the heart and soul of The Brickyard. It’s where every love story gets its spotlight. In this neighborhood, love is celebrated and embraced.

Ready to Tie the Knot? Consider opting for a wedding package that takes care of all the details, from the venue to the decorations and even the catering.

With its urban flair and dedicated team, The Brickyard on Main is a no-brainer for your wedding. Intrigued? Reach out to their team for all the juicy details on banquet space, packages, prices, and tours.

White wedding dress and urban backdrop for stunning wedding photography

Urban501: Your Downtown Marion Dream

And then there’s Urban501. Oh, prepare to be wowed! An hour from Columbus, in downtown Marion, this venue is a treasure trove of elegance and sophistication, offering that big-city feel without the big-city price tag.

Couple pouring a champagne tower getting excited for their big day

Why Urban501 Rocks

With a capacity for 150 guests, a full bar and lounge area, a handy prep kitchen, enchanting outdoor and indoor ceremony spaces, and a spacious reception space, Urban501 is like a wedding Swiss Army knife – it’s got it all! Plus, it’s housed in a historic building, adding a dash of charm to your celebration.

Urban Industrial Vibes at Urban501

Top 5 Reasons to Choose Urban501

  • Versatility for different event types.
  • A blend of historic charm and modern elegance.
  • Indoor and outdoor areas for all preferences.
  • On-site amenities for convenience.
  • A unique aesthetic that’s hard to find elsewhere.

Considerations for gathering in large groups include location, capacity, and safety measures. It is important to choose a venue that can accommodate the number of participants and has appropriate facilities. Safety protocols such as social distancing and sanitization should also be implemented to ensure the well-being of everyone attending the gathering.

Perfect perfect photo ops

While the guest capacity might be snug for some, and it’s a bit of a jaunt from Columbus, the allure of Urban501 is worth every mile.

Urban501: Perfect for destination weddings and history buffs and city slickers alike. If you’re after a wedding with a dash of the past and a sprinkle of modern style, this is your spot.

Got Questions? We’ve Got Answers!

  • Marion to Columbus? About an hour’s drive.
  • Urban501’s capacity? Up to 150 guests.
  • On-site ceremonies? You bet, both outdoors and indoors.
  • Kitchen facilities? Yes, for seamless catering.
  • Any downsides? The size might be snug, and there’s a bit of travel involved, but trust us, it’s worth it!

For more details or to quench your curiosity about cocktail hour, just reach out. We’re here to dish out all you need to know about these spectacular venues!

love looks good on you at the top wedding venue near columbus ohio

Planning Made Easy: Comprehensive Wedding Services in Columbus

Capturing Your Special Day: Columbus’ Finest Wedding Photographers

With your venue locked down, next on the list is preserving those once-in-a-lifetime moments. Columbus is home to a bevy of skilled photographers ready to capture your day. Talents like Bree Lea Photography, with over a decade of experience, offer a spectrum of styles from dreamy and romantic to the more artistic and abstract. They focus on creating photos that capture the essence of your relationship and the joy of the day. Their creativity ensures that you will look back at photos that don’t just remind you of your wedding day, but transport you back to those precious moments.

Walking down the isle as a happily married couple

Creating the Perfect Ambiance: Event Planners and Decorators in Columbus

Visualizing your dream engagement and wedding is one thing; bringing it to life is another. This is where Columbus’s elite event planners and decorators, such as those featured on The Knot worldwide and WeddingWire, step in. These professionals collaborate with you to translate your vision into reality. Whether you’re drawn to a vintage aesthetic, love the simplicity of modern minimalism, or want to dazzle with glamour, they’ve got you covered. Their expertise ensures that every detail, from the overarching theme to the smallest decor element, aligns perfectly with your vision, making your engagement and wedding day as unique and special as your love story.

Event planners and decorators can make your wedding so easy you'll have time for amazing photos like this

Complete List Wedding Vendors to Consider

  • Reception Venues
  • Wedding Photographers
  • Videographers
  • Bridal Salons
  • Beauty
  • DJ Services
  • Wedding Bands
  • Florists
  • Wedding Planners
  • Jewelers
  • Wedding Cakes
  • Bar Services & Bevera…
  • Caterers
  • Dance Lessons
  • Decor
  • Ensembles & Soloists
  • Favors & Gifts
  • Hotel Room Blocks
  • Invitations & Paper Go…
  • Officiants & Premarital…
  • Photo Booths
  • Rehearsal Dinners, Bri…
  • Rentals
  • Transportation
  • Travel Specialists

Finding Wedding Vendors Near Columbus, Ohio

For finding wedding vendors in and near Columbus, Ohio, you can utilize online wedding directories and resources such as:

  • The Knot: A comprehensive wedding planning site that offers listings for various wedding vendors, including reception venues, photographers, and more.
  • WeddingWire: Similar to The Knot, WeddingWire provides extensive listings of wedding vendors along with reviews and contact information.
  • Carats & Cake: This site is specifically tailored to finding luxury wedding vendors and could be a good resource for higher-end services.
  • Local Bridal Magazines and Websites: Often, local bridal magazines and regional websites will have listings and advertisements from local vendors.
  • Social Media: Platforms like Instagram and Pinterest can be great for finding wedding vendors. Many photographers, planners, and designers showcase their work on these platforms.
  • Wedding Expos and Bridal Shows: These events are great for meeting multiple vendors in person, getting a feel for their style, and collecting their contact information.

When selecting vendors, consider reading reviews, asking for references, and ensuring that they align with your wedding vision and budget. Also, it’s advisable to meet or have a detailed conversation with vendors before making any decisions to ensure they are a good fit for your special day.

Traveling to and Accommodation in Columbus

Visiting Columbus, Ohio, for your wedding or any occasion, offers a delightful blend of accessibility and comfort. The city is well-connected by various modes of transportation, making it easy for you and your guests to arrive from near and far. Accommodations in Columbus range from luxurious hotels to cozy bed and breakfasts, ensuring you’ll find the perfect place to stay that fits your style and budget. Whether you’re looking for a hotel in the bustling downtown area or a quiet retreat on the outskirts, Columbus has it all.

Ease of Accessibility: Transport Options in Columbus

Getting around Columbus is a breeze, thanks to a variety of accessible transportation options. The city boasts a robust public transit system, bike-share programs, and ample ride-sharing services, ensuring that you can navigate the city with ease. For those with accessibility needs, Columbus provides specialized transportation services, ensuring everyone can move around the city comfortably and conveniently.

Comfort Redefined: Top Hotels and Accommodations

In Columbus, comfort and style go hand in hand when it comes to guest accommodations. The city offers a diverse range of hotels and lodgings, from the newly redefined and redesigned Comfort brand hotels to boutique inns and luxury resorts. Each establishment prides itself on providing exceptional service, comfortable rooms, and amenities that make your stay memorable. Whether you’re visiting for a wedding or a weekend getaway, you’ll find the perfect place to unwind and relax in our guest accommodations.



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