The Brickyard on Main

One of the Top Small Intimate Wedding Venues in Ohio

Charming and Intimate: Your Guide to Ohio’s Top Small Wedding Venues for Up to 50 Guests

The Growing Trend of Small Intimate Weddings

Let me tell you, small intimate weddings are very much on-trend, with many couples now choosing to share their special day with only their closest family and friends. Wedding news is spreading rapidly about the popularity of these intimate gatherings.

According to a recent survey, 70% of engaged couples said they would consider having a small intimate wedding, compared to only 40% five years ago.

These micro weddings create a more personal and authentic experience, away from the spectacle of large, impersonal events. Perfect if you’re a pair that values meaningful connections and personal touches.

As I like to say, it’s quality over quantity!

Benefits of Planning a Wedding with Close Ones

Well, you’re in for a treat with a small intimate wedding. Picture this – you and your beloved are surrounded by your most cherished ones in a comfortable, relaxed setting. The perks of these petite nuptials are numerous.

First, you enjoy more quality time with your guests. Instead of dealing with colossal crowds, you get to savor the presence of each individual at your wedding. Think of the rich memories you’ll create, all those sweet whispers, laughter, and shared stories.

Newlywed couple walking down the aisle with guests clapping, groom raising fist triumphantly, in an outdoor wedding ceremony with white chairs and brick building backdrop.

Then come the added bonuses of reduced costs. You’ll find that venue rental for your dream venue, likely a stylish hotel or grand estate, is easier on the pocket when rented for an intimate event. Larger settings can ring up dizzying numbers, leaving your wallet feeling rather light.

Next, with a shorter guest list, the world of winter weddings opens up. Always dreamed of tying the knot by a snowy mountain or in a cozy cabin? Your smaller wedding party can make that possible! Intimate winter weddings create a sense of travel adventure for your nearest and dearest.

Bride in a lace gown holding a large floral bouquet while standing on a sidewalk, with city streets and greenery in the background.

And don’t forget about the post-ceremony merriment. With fewer guests, your wedding celebration can turn into a weekend-long affair, complete with rehearsal dinners, welcome parties, and farewell brunches. These additional events provide ample opportunities for bonding and following proper wedding guest etiquette, fostering a closer community among your guests.

But what if your guest list extends beyond the size limits? No worries, the wonders of technology have you covered! You can live-stream the event or share snippets later, ensuring that your whole clan gets to be a part of your magical day!

Joyful bride and groom exiting their wedding ceremony under a tunnel of guests' raised hands in celebration, with the bride holding a bouquet and both smiling brightly

Learn more about Paul & Leah’s wedding here!

Ok, sold on a small wedding yet? Let’s move on to hunt down your picture-perfect venue.

Locating the Perfect Venue

Top Venues for Small Weddings in Ohio

  1. The Brickyard on Main, Marion, Ohio: Experience urban sophistication in a small-town setting at The Brickyard on Main. This chic, modern venue brings a slice of metropolitan style to downtown Marion, offering a sleek urban backdrop for your intimate wedding celebration without the big city price tag.
  2. Urban501, Marion, Ohio: Urban501 is a luxury venue in the heart of Marion offers a high-end, stylish space that impresses with its amenities and atmosphere for smaller wedding gatherings.

This year has seen a significant trend towards personalization in weddings, with a notable 40% of couples opting for unique venues that reflect their individuality, indicating a rise in micro wedding​s.

A wedding venue manager shared, “Hosting micro weddings has been an intimate and incredibly personalized experience. We’ve seen couples truly make the space their own, which adds so much more meaning to their special day​”.

Next up, let’s figure out how you can select your perfect small wedding venue.

Considerations when Selecting a Wedding Venue

Making the right choice of venue can seem like finding a needle in a haystack. But let’s break it down and see what factors you really need to consider to select your dream wedding venue:

  1. Budget: It’s crucial to finalize your budget before starting your search. This will ensure you’re looking at venues within your reach and prevent heartbreak over places you love but can’t afford. Remember, the most expensive isn’t necessarily the best for you!
  2. Size: The size of the venue should match your guest list. An overly large space can feel empty and lose that intimate feel, whereas a too-small venue can get crowded.
  3. Access duration: Get details on how long the venue will be available for you, and understand if there are additional charges for extended hours – no one likes surprises on their wedding day!
  4. Privacy: If you are considering a restaurant or hotel, talk to the venue about what levels of privacy can be expected. You want to say “I do” surrounded by your loved ones, not strangers on a lunch break.
  5. Music and meals: A party ain’t a party without some tunes! Find out any specific rules the venue might have about music or catering.
  6. Vendor restrictions: Some venues might require you to use a specific list of vendors—always ask and make sure that you’re comfortable with any stipulations.
  7. Set up and clean up: Who’s in charge of setting up the space? Who’s responsible for cleanup? Whether it’s you, a kind aunt, your wedding coordinator or the venue staff, make sure to have this sorted out early.
  8. Insurance: Check whether the venue has its own insurance, or if they require you to secure your own. Better safe than sorry!

There you go – a quick roadmap to help you zero in on the perfect venue. Keep these points in mind, and you’ll surely find a fitting place to exchange your vows!

Alright, now that we’ve hunted down a venue, let’s dive into planning your intimate affair!

Mastering the Art of Micro Wedding Decor

Expert Tips for Adorning Luxury Table Settings

When setting up your tables, think of it as the canvas on which you’ll paint your perfect, intimate wedding moment. And guess what? With fewer tables, you can create truly luxurious settings without breaking the bank. Here are some top tips to get you started:

  1. Embrace Natural Elements: Nature provides an array of materials to beautify your wedding. We’re talking fresh flowers, mossy greens, pinecones, or even seashells, depending on your location.
  2. Set the Fine China: Bring out the crystal glassware, silk napkins, and shiny cutlery. The details will glow in an intimate setting and create an unforgettable high-end ambience.
  3. Candlelight Romance: Candles are a fantastic way to set the mood. Cluster them in groups, place them in sleek candelabras, or mix and match different sizes and shapes. The resulting glow will bring a warm, intimate feel to your dinner.
  4. Seasonal Touches: Make use of the current season to guide your table decoration choices. Cozy linens in winter, fresh citrus centerpieces in the summer – let Mother Nature inspire you!
  5. Seating: For a truly communal feel, consider a single long reception table instead of multiple round ones. It will foster more interaction and make everyone feel like, well, family!

An elegantly decorated wedding venue with long banquet tables set for a reception, featuring black linens, greenery, and exposed brick walls accented by hanging green plants and white drapery.

Remember, setting the table is just one aspect of decor. Next, let’s turn our heads to the skies (or ceilings) and talk about lighting.

Deciding on Lighting to Set the Mood

When you think of an intimate wedding, the first image popping up might be a warm, well-lit atmosphere that instantly draws you in. Lighting plays a key role in setting the right tone for your intimate ceremony. So, let’s make it count!

  1. String Lights: A canopy of string lights or fairy lights will cast a warm glow throughout your venue, creating a whimsical ambiance. They’re perfect for outdoor receptions, and transform the space into a cocoon of sparkling stars.
  2. Lanterns: Whether they’re intricate Moroccan lamps or simple rustic lanterns, they’ll add a unique charm to your venue. Hang them along the aisle or place them around your outdoor venue for a magical touch.
  3. Chandeliers: A grand chandelier can take any venue from average to awe-inspiring. Even in smaller spaces, a smaller chandelier installation can create quite the impression.
  4. Candles: As mentioned earlier, candles are your secret weapon for intimacy. Pair tea lights with larger pillar candles for an interesting mix. Bonus points if you arrange floating candles around the venue for a mystical feel.
  5. Festoon Lights: Festoon lights have larger bulbs and give off a beautiful warm glow. Wrap them around trees, drape them across the ceiling, or hang them vertically for a delightful effect.

Don’t underestimate the power of perfecting your lighting during cocktail hour – when the hour is golden, so is the mood.

Bride and groom in white wedding attire lovingly touching foreheads and smiling, with soft sunlight and floral arrangements in the background.

Alright, that wraps up our decor section. Now, let’s move on to the foodie part. After all, good food, including a delicious wedding cake, equals a great wedding, right?

Making the Best Use of Your Budget

Is it Worth Investing in a Day-of Wedding Coordinator?

Planners, coordinators, oh my! The wedding industry throws around a lot of titles, oftentimes leaving couples dazed. But, let me tell you – investing in a day-of wedding coordinator is worth it, especially when planning an intimate event.

Now, you might ask – why? First off, because even with a smaller guest list, coordinating a wedding can be a complex task. Coordinators ensure all the moving parts are in harmony, allowing you to simply soak in every moment of your day.

They take care of the setup, the breakdown, and everything in between. Is there enough alcohol? Where does the cake need to go? Is the dinner being served on time? With a coordinator, you won’t have to fret about these mundane details.

Another tick in favor of hiring a wedding coordinator is their extensive knowledge and connections in the industry. Their expertise in coordination allows them to recommend reliable vendors, manage your budget, and handle any last-minute emergencies that might spring up.

To cut the long story short, a day-of coordinator is your fairy godparent, ensuring nothing takes away from the beauty of your day.

But wait! Before magically swiping your card to hire a coordinator, let’s find out where exactly to splurge and where to save when planning an intimate affair.

Where to Splurge and Where to Save When Planning an Intimate Wedding

Crafting a wedding budget is like walking a tightrope, especially when you want to splurge in some places and save in others. Worry not! I’ve put together some practical tips to guide your spendings for your intimate wedding celebration.

Where to Splurge:

  1. Photography: A good photographer is worth their weight in gold. They’ll immortalize your big day with beautiful snapshots that you’ll treasure for a lifetime.
  2. Venue: Your venue sets the tone for your entire event. Invest in a location that resonates with your theme and personality. Moreover, a stunning setting will need less decoration and save you pennies in the long run!
  3. Catering: A scrumptious menu will linger in the memory of your guests long after the last dance. Invest in a quality caterer, and they’ll make your culinary dreams come true.

Where to Save:

  1. Decorations: For intimate weddings with fewer guests and tables, you have room to be creative with your decor and floral arrangements. Opt for focal points with impact rather than trying to fill every nook and cranny.
  2. Invitations: Digital invitations are a brilliant, eco-friendly way to save some dough. If you still prefer the traditional snail mail, consider designing and printing your own.
  3. Favors: Your intimate wedding means you’re already spending more time and energy on each guest. Instead of pricy favors, a heartfelt note of thanks will be just as meaningful.

Remember that no piece of advice, however wise, beats your gut feel. Prioritize what feels right for you and what genuinely makes your heart flutter with joy.

With budgeting sorted, let’s move on to drenching your wedding in a personal flavor. Ready to make your special day uniquely yours? Let’s dive in!

Personalizing Every Aspect of Your Big Day

Incorporate Symbolic Readings Into Your Ceremony

Choosing special readings is a beautiful way to add a deeper meaning to your ceremony and give your guests a closer look at your love and commitment. Whether it’s a favorite poem, a heartfelt song lyric, a meaningful quote, or a passage from a book you both love, it will certainly bring a unique touch to your intimate wedding.

With a small guest list, you also have the chance to involve more of your loved ones in the ceremony. You could ask each guest to share a quote, a wish, or a personal memory. This creates a bond of shared sentiments, underscoring the fact that a wedding isn’t just about two people—it’s about the coming together of two families, two communities.

You can also consider bilingual readings, celebrating your or your partner’s heritage if it’s a part of your lives. A multicultural wedding with passages read in different languages will surely leave an impression on the hearts of all those present.

Finally, don’t shrink back from including light-hearted readings or those from an unexpected genre—like your favorite sci-fi book. These will add a fun, uniquely ‘you’ twist to your nuptials.

Before we wrap it up, let’s see how we can make your intimate wedding memorable with customized details.

Make It Memorable With Customized Napkins and Place Cards

One can never underestimate the power of personalized details – they’re the delicate sprinkles on your wedding-day cupcake! Custom napkins and place cards are such small features that offer a big opportunity for customization.

Napkins and table linens: Imprinted with your initials, wedding date, or a motif that tells your story, napkins and table linens can be subtle details that tie everything together at your reception. They’re not just functional, but they can also add charm to your tablescape and serve as talking points for your guests!

Place Cards: Adding a calligraphic touch to each place card adds an air of elegance to your table settings, making each guest feel special. To make them even more interesting, consider printing short, meaningful poems or fun facts related to each guest. It provides an extra personal touch that your loved ones will cherish.

You can also tie your place cards into the wedding theme. For example, if you’re hosting a coastal wedding, how about beautifully polished seashells with guest names written in elegant calligraphy? Or little succulents for a garden theme wedding? These can double as take-home favors!

There you have it! With such thoughtful touches, your guests will not just attend your wedding, they’ll be a part of it and remember it fondly for years to come.

Onto the final part, we delve into some of the most frequently asked questions about small intimate weddings. Ready for some rapid fire? Here we go.


The Buckeye State is home to a plethora of beautiful and unique small intimate wedding venues Ohio that will make your special day unforgettable. From charming historic homes to modern industrial spaces, Ohio has it all. In this blog post, we’ll be counting down the top 10 small intimate wedding venues in Ohio that will have you saying “I do” to your dream wedding location.

Brides wedding party at The Brickyard on Main

Get ready to fall in love with these picture-perfect venues that are sure to make your wedding day a truly magical experience filled with beautiful blooms of joy!

Happy couple just married at The Brickyard on Main

24 the brickard on main marion OH

25 the brickard on main marion OH

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

What is a micro wedding?

A micro wedding is an intimate wedding celebration that’s typically hosted for a guest list of up to 50 people, including the couple and the officiant. Despite its smaller scale, a micro wedding still features time-honored traditions that make a wedding – such as the ceremony and a reception – but on a much smaller scale. This allows couples to focus on quality experiences with a select few of their closest family members and friends.

Are small weddings less stressful?

Yes, small weddings often tend to be less stressful than large weddings. You’re catering to a smaller guest list, dealing with fewer vendors, and this naturally simplifies the planning and execution process. Also, the intimate atmosphere allows you to truly be present and enjoy your special day without feeling overwhelmed by a large crowd.

Can you live stream a small wedding ceremony?

Absolutely! Live streaming your wedding ceremony is a great way to include friends and family who can’t be physically present. There are several platforms available like Zoom, Facebook Live, or YouTube Live, that allow you to share the joyous occasion with your near and dear ones, no matter where they are in the world. Consider assigning a tech-savvy friend to handle the live stream setup and make it a part of your celebrations.

How can I make my small wedding feel unique?

You can make your small wedding unique by personalizing as many details as possible. Incorporate your hobbies or interests into the theme, use a location that holds significance for you, or serve a menu inspired by your favorite meals. Include personalized vows, unique readings, individualized favors, and unconventional entertainment for your guests. The goal is to tell your love story throughout the day by weaving in as much of your personalities as you can. These personal touches will make your wedding a memorable event for everyone involved.

What are some ideas for a small wedding reception?

A small wedding reception opens up a world of creative possibilities. Here are some ideas to inspire you:

  1. Dine Al Fresco: An outdoor reception under the stars with bistro lights and comfy seating can create a cozy atmosphere that your guests will love.
  2. Party at Home: If you have a spacious garden, why not throw a stylish backyard party? Think BBQ, garden games, and a do-it-yourself cocktail station.
  3. Hire a Private Room: Chic restaurants often have private dining rooms that are perfect for small receptions. You can take advantage of their gourmet menu, too!
  4. Host a Picnic: A relaxed picnic with bespoke baskets, soft throws, and lawn games provides a fun touch for outdoor spaces.
  5. Go for a Brunch Reception: Who says weddings need to be evening affairs? A trendy brunch with a mimosa bar and a range of sweet and savory treats can be just as fabulous.

Remember, your day, your way. It’s all about celebrating love in your style.

What are some ideas for a simple wedding?

Embracing simplicity often leads to an effortlessly stylish and relaxed wedding. Here are some ideas for your special day:

  1. Backyard Wedding: Your home or a loved one’s home can be transformed into a beautiful, intimate venue without much fuss. Add some fairy lights, a floral arch, and voila!
  2. City Hall Wedding: This option is perfect for couples who prefer a fuss-free ceremony. Celebrate later with a small group at your favorite restaurant or a casual get-together at home.
  3. Destination Elopement: Plan an intimate ceremony at a meaningful location for the two of you. It could be a beach, a hilltop, or even a foreign city you’ve always wished to visit.
  4. Cocktail Party: Skip the sit-down dinner and have a cocktail reception with canapes and a live band for entertainment.
  5. Brunch Wedding: A daytime affair with a brunch buffet can be just as beautiful with lots of natural light and a casual vibe.

These ideas prove that simple weddings can still be incredibly special – and yes, chic!

How do I find the best little wedding venues or a small venue for wedding near me?

Finding the right venue can seem like a daunting task, but here are a few tips to help you:

  1. Refine Your Search: Start your search online, but with specific criteria. Include phrases like ‘small venue’ or ‘intimate wedding venue’ in your search.
  2. Utilize Wedding Platforms: Sites like WeddingWire and The Knot allow you to filter venues by size, making your search much simpler.
  3. Ask for Recommendations: Reach out to friends, family, or your online community for suggestions. Personal experiences can be the most reliable source of information.
  4. Consider Non-Traditional Venues: Think outside the box! Parks, art galleries, boutique hotels, or a beautiful backyard could be potential spaces for your small wedding.
  5. Virtual and Site Visits: Once you’ve shortlisted some options, make sure to visit the sites, virtually or in-person, to get a true feel of the space.

Remember, the best pavilion venue for you will be one that resonates with your personal style and vision for your big day. Happy hunting!

What are some ideas for small weddings?

Small weddings offer room for creativity and personalization. Here are some inspiring ideas:

  1. Destination Wedding: Choose a location that’s meaningful to you as a couple. It could be a beach, a mountain resort, or a city you’ve always dreamed of visiting.
  2. Theme-Based Wedding: Tie your small celebration around a theme. Love literature? Host a book-themed wedding in a library. It can be anything that reflects your passions.
  3. Backyard Wedding: Transform your or a loved one’s backyard into a fairy-tale wedding venue with bistro lights, mason jars filled with flowers, and rustic furniture.
  4. Cocktail Reception: Opt for an evening of cocktails, canapés, and dancing instead of a traditional sit-down dinner.
  5. Charity-Based Wedding: In lieu of gifts, ask guests to contribute to your favorite charity.
  6. Family-Style Dinner: A long table with a family-style dinner creates a cozy, intimate atmosphere.
  7. Interactive Food Stations: Involve your guests in the meal with make-your-own food stations—think sushi rolling, taco building, or cupcake decorating!

Remember, there’s no ‘one-size-fits-all’ when it comes to weddings. Make this day truly yours by integrating touches that are meaningful to you as a couple.

That wraps up our go-to guide for planning a small intimate wedding. Happy planning and enjoy your special day to the fullest!

24 the brickard on main marion OH
25 the brickard on main marion OH
11 The Brickyard on Main Wedding Venue Real Weddings Andrea and Trent
7 The Brickyard on Main Wedding Venue Real Weddings Andrea and Trent